About Buttonjoy

Buttonjoy sells programmable Wi-Fi buttons you can stick on your fridge and push to trigger text messages, send emails, record data -- even donate to charity.

Cloudstitch, a YCombinator-backed web platform startup, built the product after seeing a DIY hack for ACLU donation buttons on TechCrunch. We thought a donation button was an amazing idea, and we realized the Cloudstitch platform was perfect to power it.

Now when you find yourself at home wishing you could make the world a better place, you can channel that sentiment into real action. Just push a button and automatically donate a small amount to the charity of your choice.

Buttonjoy comes in two flavors:

  • The Charity Button donates money to a designated charity when pushed. We'll be adding Facebook and Twitter integration as well, so you can let others know you've donated.
  • The Magic Button is for DIY use. It can be configured to trigger SMS messages, send emails, make robo-phone calls, and log data to spreadsheets.

Cloudstitch is no stranger to hacking Amazon’s buttons. Our founder was the creator of the original baby-tracker hack when Amazon first released its Dash Buttons. But hacking Amazon’s buttons product has come along way since then, and now the internet of things is opening up new ways to interact with technology.

Our goal is to enable creativity and productivity without any technical barriers to entry. That’s what Cloudstitch does for web development, and that’s what Buttonjoy is aims to do for the Internet of Things.

Please reach out with comments, press inquiries, and partnership questions to hello@buttonjoy.com.