Connecting your Button to Wifi

Whenever your button moves locations to a new WiFi network, you will need to perform these steps to connect it. Unlike a laptop, your button doesn't remember networks it's been on before.

You will need your button plus a phone or computer.

Step 1. Activate your button's Wifi network

Hold down your button for about seven seconds until you see a light blinking underneath our sticker. (The stickers for our first batch cover this light completely, but you can still see it)

Step 2. Connect to your button's Wifi network from your phone or computer

When the button starts blinking, look for a new WiFi network named Button ConfigureMe - AD6. The code at the end of yours will be different.

The Wifi password is the final eight letters of the button's serial number, found on the back of the button.

Step 3. Using your phone or computer, open the WiFi setup web page.

Visit this URL:

It's weird looking, we know, but it connects you to the Button's special configuration interface.

Step 4. Select your normal WiFi network and enter the password.

Fill out the form you see on the web page, and skip all the technical stuff about certificates

Then at the bottom, check the checkbox that says you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Then click Configure.

Step 5. You're done! Have a snack.

On your phone or computer, switch back to your regular WiFi network. Your button is ready to push.