Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Button

How do I set up my button?

Our web interface lets you log in and easily change what happens when you click your button any time.

Does the button need Wifi?

Yes. Each time you move to a new wifi network, you will need to connect the button -- this process takes about one minute.

The buttons are compatible with open networks and standard password-based networks.

How long does the battery last?

We use Amazon's stock IoT buttons, which have an expected life of 1000 clicks.

Charity Button

How does the charity button work?

We securely store your credit details when you purchase a charity button. When you press the button, we issue a new charge to that card for the amount that you selected.

What if I accidentally click the charity button?

When you click the charity button, we'll send you a text message asking for confirmation. We only charge your card and make the donation if you send back a confirmation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Not yet. Buttonjoy is a part of Cloudstitch Inc., a C-Corporation. Since we act as an intermediary for your donations, they can not be deducted from taxes. For the small, regular donations Buttonjoy encourages, this probably works just fine for you. If you would like to use Buttonjoy to donate larger amounts, please reach out to us.

We're working on a payment solution that passes donations directly from you to your designated charity, which would make them fully tax deductible to you.

How much goes to the charity?

When you click, Buttonjoy sends 95% of the money we receive to the charity you designated. We retain 5% to help us pay for processing costs and technical infrastructure.

Why do you charge for the charity button?

We're selling the charity button at cost -- and we'll keep working to drive that cost as low as possible!

Will you share my personal information with charities?

Only if you ask us to, and even then, only to the charity you have designated. There is a checkbox to opt-in to information sharing when you purchase your button.

Sharing your information enables these groups to reach out and say thank you. In many cases, you will probably also be subscribed to their regular mailings.