Magic Button

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A WiFi button you can push to send SMS and email, log data, post to slack and more.

Three click types supported

Each button supports triggers for three actions: click, double click, and long click.

A growing list of actions in response

Use our easy web interface to set actions for each type of click.

  • Send an Email
  • Send an SMS
  • Place a Robo-Phone Call 
  • Post a message to a Slack chatroom
  • Post a JSON objet to an HTTP endpoint
  • Trigger an IFTTT action

Data logging built in

Your button automatically logs data to a Google Spreadsheet attached to your Buttonjoy account. Each time you push the button, you get a new timestamped row. Use different click types to record up to three different data sets per button!

WiFi Compatibility

Buttonjoy Buttons use WiFi to connect to your network. Open networks and password-protected networks are supported. Enterprise-style networks that require login through a popup window are not supported.